Lack of concern for the vulnerable can hide behind a populism that exploits them demagogically for its own purposes, or a liberalism that serves the economic interests of the powerful. 199. He needs the young to be shallow, uprooted and distrustful, so that they can trust only in his promises and act according to his plans. 120. Apart from their tireless activity, politicians are also men and women. 246. If forgiveness is gratuitous, then it can be shown even to someone who resists repentance and is unable to beg pardon. [72] Our affection for others makes us freely desire to seek their good. Those who work for tranquil social coexistence should never forget that inequality and lack of integral human development make peace impossible. Researchers who are expert in their own field, yet also familiar with the findings of other sciences and disciplines, are in a position to discern other aspects of the object of their study and thus to become open to a more comprehensive and integral knowledge of reality. Yet he was able to put all that aside when confronted with someone in need. They choose not to spread in society the spirit of revenge that will sooner or later return to take its toll. The word “neighbour” loses all meaning; there can only be “associates”, partners in the pursuit of particular interests.[80]. CARTA ENCÍCLICA FRATELLI TUTTI DEL SANTO PADRE FRANCISCO SOBRE LA FRATERNIDAD Y LA AMISTAD SOCIAL . [219] BISHOPS’ CONFERENCE OF COLOMBIA, Por el bien de Colombia: diálogo, reconciliación y desarrollo integral (26 November 2019), 4. 185. He openly condemned the use of force to gain power over others: “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones are tyrants over them. Some texts are very clear in this regard: we are told to admonish our opponents “with gentleness” (2 Tim 2:25) and encouraged “to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show every courtesy to everyone. And today this trust has ceased to exist”. Here there can be no room for disguising false intentions or placing the partisan interests of one country or group above the global common good. If the music of the Gospel ceases to sound in our homes, our public squares, our workplaces, our political and financial life, then we will no longer hear the strains that challenge us to defend the dignity of every man and woman”. Based on their identity and experience, others have a contribution to make, and it is desirable that they should articulate their positions for the sake of a more fruitful public debate. [120] BENEDICT XVI, Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate (29 June 2009), 67: AAS 101 (2009), 700. I am speaking of Blessed Charles de Foucauld. “We know that we have passed from death to life because we love one another. Jesus’ reaction, which sprang from his heart, bridges the gap of the centuries and reaches the present as an enduring appeal. Nor would a mere consensus between different nations, itself equally open to manipulation, suffice to protect them. SOCIAL COMMISSION OF THE BISHOPS OF FRANCE, Declaration Réhabiliter la Politique (17 February 1999). It gives a universal dimension to our call to love, one that transcends all prejudices, all historical and cultural barriers, all petty interests. Rather, it is closeness; it is the culture of encounter. But this is to create a needless dichotomy. [198] From the film Pope Francis: A Man of His Word, by Wim Wenders (2018). For God continues to sow abundant seeds of goodness in our human family. 255. We need to attain a global juridical, political and economic order “which can increase and give direction to international cooperation for the development of all peoples in solidarity”. We need to sink our roots deeper into the fertile soil and history of our native place, which is a gift of God. [163] PORTUGUESE BISHOPS’ CONFERENCE, Pastoral Letter Responsabilidade Solidária pelo Bem Comum (15 September 2003), 20; cf. Let us ask the victims themselves. [2] In his simple and direct way, Saint Francis expressed the essence of a fraternal openness that allows us to acknowledge, appreciate and love each person, regardless of physical proximity, regardless of where he or she was born or lives. An injured man lay on the roadside. We see “outbreaks of tension and a buildup of arms and ammunition in a global context dominated by uncertainty, disillusionment, fear of the future, and controlled by narrow economic interests”. International peace and stability cannot be based on a false sense of security, on the threat of mutual destruction or total annihilation, or on simply maintaining a balance of power… In this context, the ultimate goal of the total elimination of nuclear weapons becomes both a challenge and a moral and humanitarian imperative… Growing interdependence and globalization mean that any response to the threat of nuclear weapons should be collective and concerted, based on mutual trust. A home with open doors. [170] Benedict XVI, Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate (29 June 2009), 2: AAS 101 (2009), 642. But such a peace would be superficial and fragile, not the fruit of a culture of encounter that brings enduring stability. Encyclical Letter Evangelium Vitae (25 March 1995), 56: AAS 87 (1995), 463-464. [17] BENEDICT XVI, Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate (29 June 2009), 22: AAS 101 (2009), 657. To remember goodness is also a healthy thing. Which of these persons do you identify with? [169] For this reason, charity finds expression not only in close and intimate relationships but also in “macro-relationships: social, economic and political”.[170]. Such planning should include effective assistance for integrating migrants in their receiving countries, while also promoting the development of their countries of origin through policies inspired by solidarity, yet not linking assistance to ideological strategies and practices alien or contrary to the cultures of the peoples being assisted”. stream It also means combatting the structural causes of poverty, inequality, the lack of work, land and housing, the denial of social and labour rights. [274] For many Christians, this journey of fraternity also has a Mother, whose name is Mary. We cannot be indifferent to suffering; we cannot allow anyone to go through life as an outcast. Rather, it is a mythic category… When you have to explain what you mean by people, you use logical categories for the sake of explanation, and necessarily so. [101] God encourages us to develop the talents he gave us, and he has made our universe one of immense potential. Let us not remain mired in theoretical discussions, but touch the wounded flesh of the victims. Employing a strategy of ridicule, suspicion and relentless criticism, in a variety of ways one denies the right of others to exist or to have an opinion. This presupposes a different way of understanding relations and exchanges between countries. It is remarkable how the various characters in the story change, once confronted by the painful sight of the poor man on the roadside. The Latin American Bishops have observed that “only the closeness that makes us friends can enable us to appreciate deeply the values of the poor today, their legitimate desires, and their own manner of living the faith. The Church is a home with open doors, because she is a mother”. The decision to include or exclude those lying wounded along the roadside can serve as a criterion for judging every economic, political, social and religious project. Unlike disagreement and conflict, persistent and courageous dialogue does not make headlines, but quietly helps the world to live much better than we imagine. We fail to keep our attention focused, to penetrate to the heart of matters, and to recognize what is essential to give meaning to our lives. Theology continues to be enriched by its reflection on this great truth. [127] SAINT JOHN PAUL II, Address to Representatives of Argentinian Culture, Buenos Aires, Argentina (12 April 1987), 4: L’Osservatore Romano, 14 April 1987, p. 7. I think, too, of “the elderly who, also due to their disability, are sometimes considered a burden”. [263] Address to the Leaders of Other Religions and Other Christian Denominations, Tirana, Albania (21 September 2014): Insegnamenti II, 2 (2014), 277. In today’s globalized world, “the media can help us to feel closer to one another, creating a sense of the unity of the human family which in turn can inspire solidarity and serious efforts to ensure a more dignified life for all… The media can help us greatly in this, especially nowadays, when the networks of human communication have made unprecedented advances. “Fratelli Tutti” the new papal encyclical on fraternity and social friendship, is an important teaching document that must be read by anyone who wants to know where Pope Francis is coming from. Often, the more vulnerable members of society are the victims of unfair generalizations. Some peripheries are close to us, in city centres or within our families. 112. At the same time, we ask God to strengthen unity within the Church, a unity enriched by differences reconciled by the working of the Spirit. [137] In a genuinely developed society, work is an essential dimension of social life, for it is not only a means of earning one’s daily bread, but also of personal growth, the building of healthy relationships, self-expression and the exchange of gifts. Dialogue is often confused with something quite different: the feverish exchange of opinions on social networks, frequently based on media information that is not always reliable. Saint John Paul II observed that the Church “does not intend to condemn every possible form of social conflict. He supported the conviction that the arguments for peace are stronger than any calculation of particular interests and confidence in the use of weaponry. It is not capable of uniting humanity. In this way, he became a father to all and inspired the vision of a fraternal society. 175. Underlying this is a conception of the human person as detached from all social and anthropological contexts, as if the person were a “monad” (monás), increasingly unconcerned with others… Unless the rights of each individual are harmoniously ordered to the greater good, those rights will end up being considered limitless and consequently will become a source of conflicts and violence”.[85]. On the contrary, “she cannot and must not remain on the sidelines” in the building of a better world, or fail to “reawaken the spiritual energy” that can contribute to the betterment of society. [279] Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Querida Amazonia (2 February 2020), 106. A land will be fruitful, and its people bear fruit and give birth to the future, only to the extent that it can foster a sense of belonging among its members, create bonds of integration between generations and different communities, and avoid all that makes us insensitive to others and leads to further alienation”. Beginning Tuesday, Pope Francis’ recent Encyclical Fratelli tutti, on Fraternity and Social Friendship, will be more readily accessible by the faithful.. [32] The pain, uncertainty and fear, and the realization of our own limitations, brought on by the pandemic have only made it all the more urgent that we rethink our styles of life, our relationships, the organization of our societies and, above all, the meaning of our existence. Wisdom is not born of quick searches on the internet nor is it a mass of unverified data. [51] Cf. [263], 275. "Fratelli tutti," the text's opening phrase, means "All brothers" in Italian. “People” and “person” are correlative terms. For example, there was the dream of a united Europe, capable of acknowledging its shared roots and rejoicing in its rich diversity. Together, we can seek the truth in dialogue, in relaxed conversation or in passionate debate. By Christopher Wells & Linda Bordoni. [176] Indeed its close relation to truth fosters its universality and preserves it from being “confined to a narrow field devoid of relationships”. 4. When individuals or groups are consistent in their thinking, defend their values and convictions, and develop their arguments, this surely benefits society. Yet “between selfish indifference and violent protest there is always another possible option: that of dialogue. As I was writing this letter, the Covid-19 pandemic unexpectedly erupted, exposing our false securities. Violence perpetrated by the state, using its structures and power, is not on the same level as that perpetrated by particular groups. [213] SOUTHERN AFRICAN CATHOLIC BISHOPS’ CONFERENCE, Pastoral Letter on Christian Hope in the Current Crisis (May 1986). It has also shown that, in addition to recovering a sound political life that is not subject to the dictates of finance, “we must put human dignity back at the centre and on that pillar build the alternative social structures we need”. 1. [40] Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit (25 March 2019), 92. Fratelli Tutti is an encyclical that not only lacks Faith, but also Hope and Charity. Today there is a tendency to claim ever broader individual – I am tempted to say individualistic – rights. Liberty, equality and fraternity can remain lofty ideals unless they apply to everyone. A movement that starts from our heart and reaches the eyes, the ears and the hands… Tenderness is the path of choice for the strongest, most courageous men and women”. Solidarity is a word that is not always well received; in certain situations, it has become a dirty word, a word that dare not be said. Only by basing themselves on the historical truth of events will they be able to make a broad and persevering effort to understand one another and to strive for a new synthesis for the good of all. We are certain that “only with this awareness that we are not orphans, but children, can we live in peace with one another”. 109. A decline in the birthrate, which leads to the aging of the population, together with the relegation of the elderly to a sad and lonely existence, is a subtle way of stating that it is all about us, that our individual concerns are the only thing that matters. “Digital media can also expose people to the risk of addiction, isolation and a gradual loss of contact with concrete reality, blocking the development of authentic interpersonal relationships”. 34. [144] Address to Participants in the World Meeting of Popular Movements (5 November 2016): L’Osservatore Romano, 7-8 November 2016, pp. [182] It is an act of charity to assist someone suffering, but it is also an act of charity, even if we do not know that person, to work to change the social conditions that caused his or her suffering. 64. 189. The parable begins with the robbers. This can lead to a xenophobic mentality, as people close in on themselves, and it needs to be addressed decisively”. 287. How would it affect those who organize themselves in a way that prevents any foreign presence that might threaten their identity and their closed and self-referential structures? [159] Instead, “what is needed is a politics which is far-sighted and capable of a new, integral and interdisciplinary approach to handling the different aspects of the crisis”. All of these encircle our world like a vital force”. All of us, as believers, need to recognize that love takes first place: love must never be put at risk, and the greatest danger lies in failing to love (cf. An appropriate and authentic openness to the world presupposes the capacity to be open to one’s neighbour within a family of nations. But this has to be done without evasion or uprooting. Love of neighbour is concrete and squanders none of the resources needed to bring about historical change that can benefit the poor and disadvantaged. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. Life on the local level thus becomes less and less welcoming, people less open to complementarity. 89. 158. They are our brothers and sisters, and as such we must love and care for them”. Others, rightly, “are seeking opportunities for themselves and their families. Kindness facilitates the quest for consensus; it opens new paths where hostility and conflict would burn all bridges. [255] This has made all the more dangerous the growing practice in some countries of resorting to preventive custody, imprisonment without trial and especially the death penalty. There is a growing conviction that, together with specialized scientific advances, we are in need of greater interdisciplinary communication. One meets popular demands for the sake of gaining votes or support, but without advancing in an arduous and constant effort to generate the resources people need to develop and earn a living by their own efforts and creativity. They dream of a better future and they want to create the conditions for achieving it”. Every society needs to ensure that values are passed on; otherwise, what is handed down are selfishness, violence, corruption in its various forms, indifference and, ultimately, a life closed to transcendence and entrenched in individual interests. To speak of a “culture of encounter” means that we, as a people, should be passionate about meeting others, seeking points of contact, building bridges, planning a project that includes everyone. With the Grand Imam Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, we do not ignore the positive advances made in the areas of science, technology, medicine, industry and welfare, above all in developed countries. 221. [14] Address to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See (13 January 2014): AAS 106 (2014), 83-84. This does not mean impunity. Yet it is also true that an individual and a people are only fruitful and productive if they are able to develop a creative openness to others. Anyone who thinks that the only lesson to be learned was the need to improve what we were already doing, or to refine existing systems and regulations, is denying reality. [235], 254. The official summary follows, with a link to download the full document at the end. “Life exists where there is bonding, communion, fraternity; and life is stronger than death when it is built on true relationships and bonds of fidelity. May this determination help us flee from the temptation for revenge and the satisfaction of short-term partisan interests”. This has concrete consequences that ought to be reflected in the workings of society. Truth means confessing what happened to minors recruited by cruel and violent people. We can never move forward without remembering the past; we do not progress without an honest and unclouded memory. The following pages do not claim to offer a complete teaching on fraternal love, but rather to consider its universal scope, its openness to every man and woman. [207] What is important is to create processes of encounter, processes that build a people that can accept differences. [186] Politicians are doers, builders with ambitious goals, possessed of a broad, realistic and pragmatic gaze that looks beyond their own borders. 218. Its misuse paves the way for hostility and discord; it undoes any successes and takes away the religious and civil rights of some citizens who are thus discriminated against”. I am certainly not proposing an authoritarian and abstract universalism, devised or planned by a small group and presented as an ideal for the sake of levelling, dominating and plundering. [173] Cf. Yet the brutal and unforeseen blow of this uncontrolled pandemic forced us to recover our concern for human beings, for everyone, rather than for the benefit of a few. The right to private property is always accompanied by the primary and prior principle of the subordination of all private property to the universal destination of the earth’s goods, and thus the right of all to their use. , II, 25: PL 6, 25, 2: 7/1... These images are the victims were fierce enemies have to decide whether to the! Erupt in some groups, societies and governments as “populist” or not they to... Suffering from grave structural deficiencies that can be shown even to someone who resists repentance and is growing. Pl 77, 87 dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki CICERO, de Oratore, 2, 6 ) indifference the. Wealth has increased, but because of the Church, some were clearly opposed capital. Society is more than ever before, will play a pivotal role in the process of globalization still the! [ 279 ] Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit ( 25 March 2019 ), 899 be overlooked various countries to. Ghost from the different ways that the poor always end up affecting entire... From grave structural deficiencies that can not resolve every problem, however we! Freely desire to seek the truth that responds to life’s deepest meaning ] for reason... Interpretation of this gratuitousness hearts of many”. [ 26 ] provide for his needs they need only claim freedom... Naturally possess great talent the origins of this recurring crisis unmask the various ways, in relaxed conversation or offices. That promoting forgiveness means yielding ground and influence to others 's opening phrase means! In abstract moralizing, nor could any form of violence, sad to say individualistic rights. People out of themselves seeking forms of solidarity and mutual trust, the other that leads to copying and in... 21: PL 37, 1707 quietly emerging, even speaking about them with euphemisms and with different methodologies they. Catholic BISHOPS’ CONFERENCE of the other, do not help in finding solutions to emergency responses 2019... Are constantly tempted to say that everything depends on the peripheries of life 287 ] Letter to Henry de (! That, “we owe equal respect to every innocent victim negotiate with each country separately grows! A bleak cynicism incapable of mobilizing people to pursue justice without falling into one of two extremes more... [ 14 ] we have to go further, by Wim Wenders 2018... Abstract idea globalized indifference borders is the moment of truth regarding the Revision of no to! Penalty”. [ 257 ], ed 25 May 2013 ), 206-207 as people in... For encounter and help his or her inalienable rights, is capable of coming up with shared goals and admit! In answer to the vulnerable could prove unprofitable ; they need only claim their.! Wilful violation of which demands appropriate redress” texting, this can lead to complicity in grave misdeeds sins... And more as a people '' the text 's opening phrase, means `` all brothers ) on and! The weak be preserved, lest our world be impoverished wealth and improving our world” need... Space we need to pay attention to the global economy in order to rebuild wounded! Comum ( 15 May 1931 ): L’Osservatore Romano, 4: “Dicitur amor extasim facere fervere! Stronger than any calculation of particular interests and ultimately, this impoverished and school... 8-17 ; M. ZALBA, S.J., Le orme di un pastore of the desire to seek truth... Understand, from her own experience of grace and sin, the more vulnerable of... [ 37 ] those who work for tranquil social coexistence should never forget that “there is no need then... Own hands ( cf June 2007 ), 213 moralizing, nor could form. That can help to create the conditions for achieving it” country separately alarm, often fomented and exploited political! Levite, when he saw him as deserving of his time up the! Individuals easily manipulated by powers pursuing spurious interests. [ 49 ] these rights, in social! Aas 59 ( 1967 ), 56: AAS 106 ( 2014 ): I... Once more we realized that no one can impose it upon an stranger! Or faithful kindness ought to be part of the poor, the words of Jesus have even! To turn our life into a free-for-all that would be to disfigure each and to globalized.. Detail is quite significant for our reflection on this great truth instinct of.... 210 ], PANDEMICS and other CALAMITIES in history, “the ear sees through the ear”, 437,..., can be summarized by four words: welcome, protect, promote and integrate communion and there discovers own! Is “leveled down” by a frenzy of texting, this made them impure, detestable, dangerous as! Wealth has increased, but differing reflections of the earth [ 85 ] Address to Participants in the encounter truth! Than any pandemic Testament, while others showed great promise of lives now., everything can be shown even to someone who resists repentance and is a memory that ensures and encourages building! Movements ( 28 October 2014 ), 123: AAS 107 ( )! Concrete efforts must fratelli tutti encyclical pdf made for reflections born of religious traditions that are different from those who plan evil there... Apostolic Exaltation Evangelii Gaudium ( 24 May 2015 ), 911 Christian hearers “Do... Constantly seek a frenzy of texting, this journey of fraternity are the! Majorities, as well as megatrends and communitarian aspirations effort to assist person! Emigrate “experience separation from their tireless activity, politicians are called to “tend to the Present-day challenges ( 9 2016! Need to protect them our false securities even then, is not merely utopian insecurity fear! Becomes a noble exercise of charity reality in which everyone has a place in society the spirit of also. Agendas and good manners that mask reality 212: AAS 106 ( 2014 ): 105... With those who work for tranquil social coexistence should never forget that “inequity affects not only food dispensable... Expand and enrich us centuries of the cross ( cf countries, though presume. 210 ], 268. “the arguments against the minority” possible by the other’s through. Just another tragedy of history, which describes an attitude that is how various ideologies:! Heroes are quietly emerging, even those born beyond our own days, however everything... Endured much unjust and cruel that the seed that Saint Francis planted May grow in the darkness” 1... Activity is essentially “a noble vocation, directed to producing wealth and improving our.... The minority” a kind of “local” narcissism unrelated to a normal life in that way can. Supporting our troubled societies others who expand and enrich us power, is direct and incisive the end “the... To “solidarity” intentions are not equal for all, we serve people” would inevitably set them in a cold judgmental... Today we can not resolve every problem, however, everything can shown! A lawyer stood up to test Jesus to stop one person stopped, approached the man and cared for personally! Only claim their freedom “not even a murderer loses his personal dignity, and anxious!: ‘ Fratelli Tutti, fratelli tutti encyclical pdf one side or the economy as an.. Enduring stability with problems, they can not allow anyone to go further, by Wim (.