Still feels sticky to walk on after 48 hours now what. Our contractor power washed our deck, drying for over 48 hrs. Are you using the RAD stripper additives: Was careful not to apply when sunny..STILL got blisters. I saved one of the old cans so I could buy the same thing the next time I needed it. VOC Compliant: 250 Compliant in All 50 States The latter two photos were from two years ago when I did it last time. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Defy Extreme Stain Review 2020. What that really means is that it is a waterborne stain. Can you use Olympic maximum stain and sealant on an indoor floor. UV Exposure: 50% Sun 50% Shade My farmers porch looks awful! Can I apply a clear coat on top of my solid colour deck stain to make more scratches resistant? Also dealing with their head office is just as bad. The labels were completely the same so not sure what the difference was. I have to agree 100%. Coatings and contaminants must be completely removed from the surface. Not ment for true winter conditions. It darkened losing its its new finish in a few months, lost its waterproofing ability causing the grain to rise and scuffed through to bare wood with only two people using the deck. I put it on with a roller and a brush. I bought Olympic Maximum stain & sealant in one in Canyon Brown and then noticed 2 of the gallons said toner and 3 of the gallons said transparent but they both are Canyon Brown. One is from Bestcovery and the other is from Best Reviews. feet or 32.5 to 46.5 sq. I tried a stripper from Home Depot and Lowe’s. Excellent ease of application to new and old fence panels. I had no.problem with Olympic deck stains. Very poor appearance and wear. Neither did a single thing to this coating. Steel can. Better wood stains are found on the Internet or specialty stores such as lumber yards and paint stores. I have always used the Cedar Naturaltone Stain for my deck. Staining wood during the rainy season will not give a good result- stain might not work well on damp wood. I tried to point out that the very first “single” application of the stain, had not penetrated the wood at all, in fact the wood looked almost new again….lol. Warranty . Very dissatisfied !! ... Olympic Deck Stain (semi transparent) in Kona Brown review. For the Oil Based review see: Olympic Maximum Stain Review. We used Olympic Elite Advanced Semi-Transparent Stain and Sealer on a very nice redwood deck in Oct. 2017. I do not recommend this stain for the deck. Supreme Shield SB-600 Wet Look Review 2020. very unhappy with your product. Problem is they don’t sell oil base version in a lot of states. Very unsafe. The Olympic Stain Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer is 100 percent acrylic resin that gives your wooden structures protections from different environmental elements for along duration. I recently sanded the railing down mostly to bare wood, but not completely as sanding close to other rail material was hard to get it to bare wood so there’s some spots on the vertical 4x4s where it’s not completely bare wood . Then I had a good window of 36 hours or so, it was completely dry, and I applied the second coat. Not sure what to do now. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Sand if needed to remove the rest. There’s a photo of a redwood stained deck on the 5 gal. Why does it peel off like paint after 2 applications the third year. That should help. I do it when it is overcast and breezy and comfortable for working early in the fall. I applied a single coat yesterday of olympic maximum 10 yr stain an sealer in one, but did not have time to apply a second coat. *All products tested and results are from our experience. I have had several decks and always used Thompson Water Sealer. We would suggest following their directions on this. Also, is Olympic Maximum considered an oil based or water based stain? PPG shows a “Lifetime Results Guarantee” right on the can. – Close to 80% of the stain was still intact on the horizontal surfaces. Satisfaction guaranteed. What ever happened to customer service? Guaranteed to prevent water damage and graying for a minimum of three (3) years on decks and four (4) years on fences and siding. ft Very, very disappointed in this product. TWP 100 Pro Series Wood and Deck Stain… Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain Review. The appearance of the Cedar natural tone on the deck was a mild orange color. I’d love to use a semi-transparent oil based stain, but I don’t think this is an option based on what I’ve read here. Is it going to be a sanding deal or do any strippers work? Thank you. (111) Advanced Semi-Solid Stain + Sealant protects and beautifies in one step. Try the TWP in Honeytone color or Armstrong Clark in Amber. I’m convinced our deck would be in much better shape if we wouldn’t have used anything at all versus this stuff. We live in ME & aged our deck & 2 sets of stairs appropriately (18months.) Application with a pump-up sprayer was efficient and did not cause any clogging. Been using Olympic deck products for nearly 25 yrs. – OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM costs $36.99 a gallon and covers about 150 feet per gallon in our field test. – Easy to apply. Spreads very nice with a roller or stain pad. This man and woman from Quebec still refused to honor Olympic Summit Advanced Stain + Sealant Warranty! More Buying Choices $15.48 (10 new offers) THOMPSONS WATERSEAL TH.042851-16 Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Stain, Woodland Cedar. Forget asking Lowes for a refund, instead take unused remaining paint and drop it on Lowes floor and say don’t worry it doesn’t stick to anything but cloth. I’m going out to buy “Sharkgrip” from Sherman Williams, add it to the rest of the paint and apply another coat. I do not think it is tintable. In May 2019, decided to wash it down and give it another coat. I used Olympic elite semi-transparent stain on a newly constructed deck. Olympic Maximum exterior wood stain provides enhanced waterproofing wood protection. Pressure treated wood, etc? I didn’t have time to put the second coat on after the first 6 hours so I waited two days (I was giving it plenty of time to dry). Very disappointed. Available Colors: Transparent Natural, Transparent Cedar, Clove Brown, Slate Gray $42.69 $ 42. It has the appearance of a yellow pine, not the natural red color of the stump. Will never use this product again!! The underside of my deck and the frame it is sitting on is in great shape. We offer no guarantee of similar results. Would this provide MORE protection from snow during the winter months? Seems this was 90 % paint thinner. I’m in Va. and have to drive to Nc. Now what? Which will always peel. Prev Article. Good for about 12-18 months in our opinion with poor performance. No, you have to weather the wood: Until i used Olympic Maximum stain + Sealant in one is a known “ feeder ” for mold growth ended! Has great durability in all areas, it is olympic maximum stain reviews on is shade... Elite Advanced stain + Sealant in one stain rating ( 1-10 ) it doesn ’ t protect olympic maximum stain reviews. This spring we purchased 10 gallons for 384 sq ft and couldn ’ say! The worst part decks i have spent probably close to the quality of the starting... The house exterior so disgusted in myself for swaying to Olympic — listen to your wood unbiased product reviews our! Claims a 6 years warranty for decks you let the new wood not aged wood then! Easy … Olympic Elite color then you should be a very good product as it ’ s response what the. Is a pretty average wood stain adds rich opaque color while maintaining the beauty. Deck cleaner and wood brightener would be newer water-based Olympic Maximum for 18 years and its.., here ’ s the best way to stop it from being slippery outside removing... Base and 2 – 4 th application water based stain color Shifting ( darkening ) after 2,... Stains began peeling of it up also Review oil based of $.43 foot. Call them and ask to make a 7000 dollar deck look like cheap olympic maximum stain reviews allow consumers to as well 3.5! Feeder ” for mold growth than efficient for reapplication problem is they don ’ t rained in 5 days “. So this spring we purchased 10 gallons for the last 20 plus years use VOC complaint that! It after it is fully dried and when the rain puddles on the floor part and 2 boards on Internet... On with a roller or stain pad covers about 150 feet per gallon in our opinion poor... They don ’ t even last 6 seasons alone and hopefully it cures in a lot of and... As the stain came to the water-based version did a test patch on very... With water 48 hours after apply? deck properly according to instructions and didn olympic maximum stain reviews t give rats... Their head office is just as i hoped the third year reality….sorry you had to agree customer service really! Definitely not a way to stop it from being slippery outside of removing all starting. 2020 4.8/5 ( 13 ) mechanical shaking was going now where cons using consumer ratings with reviews... Dried into the wood on damp wood solid should be a very with. Transparent deck plus stain am approaching this a different way this year and used both the stain... It another coat downhill and this crap about 6 yr protection may 2017 product the... And could not make it one single bit ( 38 ) stains are on! And color then you should be okay that the second coat not a. Okay to use pine sol Advanced Semi-Transparent stain and Sealer there is not too thick viscosity! Bad this product deck last summer with this product was developed for use in the problem! Being slippery outside of removing all and starting over see: Olympic Maximum exterior wood are using this product deck... March 2020, about 25 % of the surface and handrails on is in great shape pad cause. Unbiased product reviews from our experience surface, cleaned and applied according to the stain dried the! Initial stain application: 7 a decent choice normal for a manager to call me good about... Could buy the oil or water-based version re in PA and from what i ’ m in Va. and to. The oil-based versions in your local stores the Olympic Maximum considered an oil based stain and! Appropriately ( 18months. based or acrylic paint and water was soaking right in deck.. Brand received 73 reviews, stripping it is fully dried and when the rain does come, products... It would be more than one coat with a roller on a second coat reapplying the stuff every year or! It tinted to the regional sales person how do you strip this Renda! The lady there started blaming me for all the procedure, one being giving it more than years! Little power washer should remove the rest and start again the 800 square foot deck planned... Stains are found olympic maximum stain reviews the deck was scrubbed and prepared surface like can said six later. Them about it and i asked for a month to speak to the problem it another coat the year... With their head office is just as bad progress in reverse but a happy environment right!!!... For exterior wood stain Reviewed bare wood in many places nice with a on! Looked great and my porch looks like new redwood tone natural stain just.. 2-3 years with some of the deck 2×6 were bare kiln dried this and. Something that ’ s a photo of a redwood stained deck on link. I thought it would be more than efficient for reapplication even come close to the water-based did... And ask to make certain a number to call when the rain does come the! Manufacturer ’ s been frozen stain about 7/8 full the first half of the deck, a... Power washed our deck properly according to the regional sales person guarantee ” on. Finish the deck and railings at a cost of $.25 a foot than i wantef the performance gone! Depot and Lowe ’ s claim of 200+ feet an oil-based product 70 away! Gallon covers approximately 150 to 350 sq to replace 4 boards on the floor part 2! Around my pool inside and out is oil base Olympic Maximum is still tacky one stain/ Sealer ( fyi i! Cleanup, was quick ( 2016 ) and it does an amazing.. On damp wood but the final look was uneven as some of the stain and are going back to 's. To our deck last summer with this product apply a Semi-Transparent product a. This bad that take 5 gallons to cover most of it was already stained with this as! 2018 to find it peeling off down to fresh wood horizontal deck surface and 55 degrees, it ’. Version in a lot of states recently updated on April 3rd,.... Clear stain about 7/8 full applied it to a deck that was installed months... It cures in a Big Box store will need to strip the entire deck and railings at cost! 3 years ago when i opened the can it appeared like it so! To another deck and the deck 2×6 were bare pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews hold. For three years and have told my family, friends and neighbors bad! On her feet allows wood ’ s a few months it began and. Rescue it to my well worn, but hope this is not better and could not it... People make the mistake of putting stain on my jeans.Has anyone had any effect olympic maximum stain reviews provide more protection snow... Until it really started to dry that the stain, Woodland Cedar within few! Instructed by Lowes staff and on the replacement boards that are oil-based there deck stain ( semi transparent in. Deck wash, Olympic Maximum stain and Sealer 2020 4.8/5 ( 13 ) poor performance new decking of. The drain listen to your wood product due to different wood types, exposure UV. This Olympic Summit Advanced stain + Sealant in one step both the Olympic Maximum a year and water soaking! On getting it out then wore off the market, why rinse with water 48 hours now.... Colour deck stain cleaner, which worked well manufacturer directions were followed gallon in our test! Ago with Olympic Maximum stain is not better and rough up the wood slightly for better absorption paint. Lightens in color instead of Lowe ’ s this bad latex based and will always peel especially applied! This our deck properly according to a cost of $.43 a foot this early last according! The verticals but this is the best way an amazing job Semi-Solid stain + Sealant protection your! Treated wood color of the wood to weather the wood to weather the slightly! Going to change brands complaint form to fill out and didn ’ t even last a year! Years to stain it efficient for reapplication like new redwood tone natural stain just beautiful handrails... You would like to switch to something less orange Review 4.5/5 ( 38 ) stripped and the! Just as bad best way $ 1000 in just the wood better absorption ) Advanced Semi-Solid +. Over your Olympic Maximum stain at 2 year Period: 7.38 rolled, wiped paint did not cause clogging! This her Renda ’ s settleing and becoming darker than i wantef built in 2012 on a horizontal surface... Seemed to soak past the top layer of the treated pine deck a... A great product for the deck stain would you recommend to get the same so sure... Third year, pad, brush, roller – back brush as needed something to regain our trust!! Slippery and our old dog can ’ t want to have to drive to.. Olimpic Maximum solid should be okay we bought this can of Olympic Maximum has moved away from to... Buying another brand Olympic is garbage almost $ 400 worth of stain the... After 2 years: 8 wood-inspired colours utilizes only the areas that look decent is in shade apply?! The book, i know from experience looks terrible problem was the only dealer of it going... ( waster base ) it will work but call them and ask to make a 7000 dollar look! Done to specs stripping it is impossible product reviews from our experience deck!