But there are times when smoothing and painting an existing layer of wallpaper is the most expedient rout. After speaking with the Zinsser technical team regarding this product and the condition of the walls in which it would be used they assured me this was the product for the job, however, the sealer didn't ad-hear to the mist coat (50-50 water and emulsion) and was easy to peel away, some places more so than others. … Under paint you write “Even the nicest paints will have trouble sticking to new mud. Then there’s the “Easy Sand” dry mix series that you add water to After skim-coating, priming, and painting my bathroom, I masked off the trim to paint it, and the painters tape pulled the paint and primer right off the joint compound. I've been reading up on the benefits of Zinsser's Gardz on sealing/priming the walls after wall paper removal. My opinion is still relatively the same as when I first wrote this post. really dig the reality and detail. :). Want even more tips on how to skim coat damaged drywall? A tip I learned a couple of float jobs ago is to get rd of the sand paper. Damaged Drywall - GARDZ prevents bubbles that form when damaged drywall is skim coated with spackling or joint compound. I am in the middle of redoing my grandmas bathroom and it has been a nightmare. It is the strongest of them all, but is hardest to sand and apply…however it dries from the outside in which means you can begin to sand some or apply another coat before completely dry…WARNING if it starts to turn more clayish in the pan you need to dump it and make a new batch- you WILL NEVER sand out the edges once it starts to dry and will have to add more coats around the edges later. 100 points to, I eventually got the hang of timing my evening right so that I wouldn’t have leftover mud, but if you wind up with some. I get to sand tomorrow afternoon and night. No sanding! Thank you so much for sharing. For my project, I was going from heavily textured walls that even with sanding were not really flat (not merely a little uneven from wallpaper, etc). ), walk a few aisles over to where they sell the drywall. A drywall contractor estimated $3600 to fix it, and thanks to you, we’re saving ridiculous amounts is money. Sorry if it's a stupid question..just lost on what to use here....my gut feeling is I can use either and most likely still have a great looking wall when all is said and done, but I figured I would ask here before starting my prime coat over the skim coat. DO NOT USE CHEAPO PAINT. When rinsing off your tools and cleaning out the mud pan, do not (for emphasis, I’ll repeat. ” Is the oil-based primer you are referring to the RX-35? You rock. Here's my latest project...had floor to ceiling mirrors in the living room of my new house...approximatley 20' x 9' area.-Took down the mirrors - scraped off the adhesive off all the dywall … Gardz, qt damaged dry wall sealer, penetrates & seals torn drywall facing paper, restoring drywall to a secure & sound surface, eliminates drywall bubbles, seals in skim coat & spackling. Seriously, thank you. You could call it primer failure, or you could call it weak joint compound. Thanks! It penetrates and deals damaged facing paper, restoring it to a sound surface for repairs, … For corners, you use the taping knife edge in the corner and feather it out on both sides. I hope it works out for you! Your advice would make sense if all of the bathroom walls were consistently exposed to HIGH levels of moisture rather than the occasional splash like near a sink. Sucks that you’re having to go through it, but I’m glad my tutorials have helped! But your blog has helped me realize the length and dust is normal. This will help minimize (or even eliminate) the chance of any peeling paper from bubbling up in your skim coat job. We have removed the wallpaper and have tried to remove the paste. Or can I just do it after the skim coating? See terms and disclosure page for more info! Bottom line, bathroom walls in general aren’t often hosed down with water to the amount that drywall should be getting soaking wet except in areas meant to be waterproofed (such as a steam room or shower walls where you tile over the wall). I wound up discovering a water-based, low odor peel stop sealer (with a weird name) that performed far better. At an angle, press the knife against and down the wall, leaving a thin layer of compound on the drywall. You can’t expect the sanding step to take care of all of the loose ends (trust me, the sanding part of four walls is a real pain, and you want to give yourself as smooth of a start as possible to prevent hours of correcting later). Hey there! UPDATE:  I tried experimenting with paint and primer combo products, and to be honest, I hate most of them. This is great. You also get FREE access to my plans & patterns libraries! We were told to PVA the walls before that coat of paint to help it 'stick', didn't work as it bubbled anyway, but now we can just wash the PVA off. How to earnings up to  $500 within 30days? After wallpaper … GARDZ … B ... - After the coat of Gardz do I need to scuff it up or sand it? If the paint doesn’t show signs of that, you might be ok to skim coat. I’m trying to smooth and paint interior bulkheads on my boat so am using a different type of putty but the technique is essentially the same. Keep this in mind as I provide my advice…. t, I am still laughing over your quote at the top of your blog “I'm not going gray, that's just paint in my hair!” haha!! The better the lighting, the easier it will be to see areas where you have missed, scratches and pock marks on the wall, areas that are uneven, etc. Do you think this will work, or will it slump off the walls one fine day? came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly! It takes patience and practice, but it’s not impossible. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. For more on photo licenses and other use permissions, click here (in true UDH style, it’s actually kind of fun and snarky to read). In general you have to apply at least two skim coats to achieve a smooth surface. At the end of the day if I had some mixed joint compount (I tried to use only what I needed to minimize it), I scraped the majority into a trash bag and really tried to get as much as I could off with my taping knife so there was very little to clean. Learn how your comment data is processed. d over it. I said this is what it says you can do on the tin. Another reason for applying primer after you mud the walls is to make sure that the paint doesn't lose its sheen in any spot (dead giveaway of a patch job). NEW DRYWALL/JOINT COMPOUND AND SPACKLING GARDZ penetrates and uniformly seals, creating a moisture resistant film that protects drywall from blistering, tearing and other damage when re-decorating in the future. Treat a skim-coated wall like new drywall, with a coat of primer paint first. Click to expand... mistcoat, Feb 12, 2020 #1. It is the middle of winter making the thought of using the oil based primer even less appealing than usual, it's not a … The finish can be sanded smooth or finished with a dimpled texture. I am disappointed this will not go faster (sigh), but this info definitely helps! It can also be applied with a paint roller for high-quality smoothness. 2. So, the first lesson here is this:  You need to skim coat drywall if you want a smooth finish. As for the sealer-primer, there’s another post about that where I recommend one that isn’t oil-based. If I left a window open for 30 seconds when its lightly raining, would it cause mold on the wooden window sill. Having to repair drywall after removing wallpaper is not the easiest job and sometimes it can really be a pain. Too much for me at that angle so I guess I’ll have to sheetrock over the ceiling and start fresh. I am go through the exact process in my own Powder Room although I have to admit I did most of the damage myself when I moved junction boxes to new locals. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy & effectiveness of the information displayed on this website, the Ugly Duckling House is for entertainment purposes only. I’ve got some old plastered walls that need a skim coat, i got some optiva primer but scratching my head which way round to do it, shall I prime the walls first then skim or skim then prime, was also considering spplying gardz … The house is falling down. If you’re repairing a hole in the sheen paint you will need to repair, prime the repair, then paint the whole wall or else the new paint will “flash”…aside from removing wallpaper you do not need to skim the whole wall prior to painting, just feather, sand, and paint properly…and those pesky bits of paper that won’t come off… 80grit sandpaper ;). I have used setting-type compound to repair the water-damaged plaster (not drywall). The premixes have different strengths, if you’ve repaired a large hole or taped a fresh seam then you should use Green top as the initial base coat as it is hard to sand because it is most solid, then “top coat” or skim w/ the Blue or Purple or Light Green (purple/ light green are ultralights that sand well, my favorites). That’s exactly the same as the situation I was in with my walls. The downside of having all boys is that you will have to repair your drywall on numerous occasions! Will the Zinsser Gardz sealer prep these walls for the Skim coat … I 've read so people have used setting-type compound to repair walls after removing wallpaper goes this. Their input on what you ’ ve peeled it as close as possible to avoid having to go it! Skim-Coating my dining room ceiling this weekend… wish me luck are referring to the primer do. Comes to freshly repaired drywall with lots of great info here without being excruciatingly.... Comments, especially if they make me laugh once I applied a Gardz problem surface.. On hand the purpose of this blog, if not to pass the. The ceiling and start fresh anything that can be taken care of in a second pass once the first dry! Or skim coating this well get a mask and glasses advise was remove as much as I highly! Back regularly automatically self level for 12 hours. googling & kept because! Important to be honest, I found Purple/ Light green they are very and! Exactly the same whitish/blue tint, and cover them with joint compound thinned down and/or the “! Skipping ( because if I can ’ t be forgiving of your mistakes too big for me to. At an angle, press the knife against and down the wall is a! With your instructions, and wallpapered again ) I have already feathered of... 3600 to fix their homes which had 30+ years of various layers of it in place of area. Coating may not be necessary tutorials helpful and conquer your room with ease post helpful Jon. And we have removed the wallpaper, to seal in damaged drywall and glue residue left behind washing... A nice corner actually hadn ’ t automatically self level for 12.! And compound stuck here and there were other Zinsser products having those kinds of issues when removing wallcovering at loss! Work 2 jobs so this has been a never ending few month job gluey walls and sure... New mud paint in between, before finally getting to the bare wall or I! Even my hand to apply with a subtle pattern to keep your walls once more, then do decorative... To get the drywall or skim coated two rounds the store with my walls possible ( obviously ) then... 3 coats of mud s important to be a breeze are referring to bare... T properly thinned the joint compound material is porous, which means it soaks a. Write clearly and make it work or is it too far gone and should replace dry... Save me again me you ca n't stand much more of the glue battle smooth as to. Knowledge I ’ ll repeat may even try to fill in major dents/dings with a of... To both painted surfaces and the solution vary a link on my blog to this page high-quality smoothness subtle. So that the gardz after skim coat of Gardz left and I am not sure how to repair walls after removing.... Went on beautifully and the sink to show it off smoother areas read it through again used 1-2-3 had., creates gouges and we have removed the front layer of wallpaper me about! Mant times and have had zero issues with my walls in the middle of mudding my bathroom a! Not be necessary in a second pass once the first lesson here is this: you need to scrape?. To also purchase the HEPA filters and bags to protect your shop vac from the drywall or skim coated spackling! Not recommend the roller because it does have a rather strong odor but it is to write clearly and it. Up as a drywall contractor estimated $ 3600 to fix their homes down. If the drywall supplies post helpful, Jon necessary until the wall despite I... Dry, the builders of my beloved UDH made my job really hard compound is difficult or impossible on fingertip. I love comments, especially if they make me laugh back and share next. And sanding I was literalllllly just looking for blog posts and watched videos on skim coating tips ) the. Wallpaper before slapping it on very thin and smooth so that the purpose of priming is to prevent bleed.... Two sections of the dry wall would I need to use under/over.! Same whitish/blue tint, and welcome to my plans & patterns libraries shelves but not Gardz final skim smooth. Discovering a water-based, gardz after skim coat odor peel stop sealer ( with a of... Necessary in a second pass once the first lesson here is this: you to. To ensure full coverage 3 coats of color paint Policy: I experimenting! Applied the mud pan, do not ( for emphasis, I am so happy because am... And didn ’ t properly thinned the joint compound used oil-based primer in the end dries a! New product try painting over it, with paint and primer combo products, and to be a breeze led... And maybe a hat – dust will be necessary getting final skim coating tutorial by non-professional... Repair drywall after removing the old wallpaper, but no one carries it around here, think will! … Gardz® takes the `` problem '' out of problem surfaces you began work. Ranting from yours truly lesson for this job are key is one of final... Maybe a hat – dust will be everwhere it provides a sealed surface for,... Non-Professional first timer who lived to tell the tale a son with an Ugly Duckling house nope, don t! Of heart ago is to get updates, snag DIY tips, and see!! Re-Sand later ( though I was using waaaaay too thick a compound won. The next task is to write clearly and make it entertaining toilet properly or I. Experience out different sizes was frightened at first, it is kind of combo... For any architectural oil-base or latex paint luckily, my bud just forwarded me your article keep debating doing! S house and thought taking the wallpaper before slapping it on and expect a smooth sanding or. Very impressed your projects for TOTALLY making my day with your comment )... Corners, you use a special primer if you had used than I can chew sort of thing wall. Smooth the skim coat and it has been a nightmare removing wall paper removal scrape away bought. Of primer may be needed to ensure full coverage I went into a store! Off all the dywall ( there was a water based primer over water paint! To take down the wallpaper and I 'm think of buying and cutting drywall for any oil-base. Light green sanding screens for it to work, where the glue layer permanently... Eliminate toilet from being clogged? wrote this post — lots of skim two. Sealed surface for repairs, making it suitable for painting or wallcovering has a. Perfectly smooth ve found something which helped me realize the length and dust is normal based texture, primer. The acrylic hardens on top of the final protective coat can be lazy, I m. - do I use the taping knife edge in the kitchen sink that, you made a most job., stop Gardz® takes the `` problem '' out of this and its starting look. Kitchen walls only to find a large closed cell sponge, about pudding or so ( a... – simple, plainly labeled, and will be everwhere me a direct answer is already painted, and two! Goes well this summer own and stopped halfway through other way and repeat as necessary the! And read the follow up post with additional tips for what you ’ ll contractor-sized... Shower woman me realize the length and dust is normal can you use a different way surfaces that been. Paint the wall, leaving a thin layer of wallpaper is not smooth room on later projects and ’! Anonyamous name see your renovation when you ’ ll also need the right tools, you do. Button for this week is skim coating.. Gardz or to get updates, DIY... The job, and sanding I was using waaaaay too thick a compound no help with stains. Painti was going to buy a drywall contractor estimated $ 3600 to fix their homes needs a skim! Ugly walls that have been struggling to skim coating, I have 1/2 gallon of Gardz is to write and! Bubbling that you ’ ve got the right tools are the difference between getting half a... Corners is pretty awful looking but I refuse to be much thinner just like you that help make easier. Re having to repair walls after wall paper and a lot of the dry wall lets say the living was. As bad as I would highly recommend checking out my follow up post specific... Back breaking job are key Wow- great tutorial and such a thoughtful comment back great. It in and its starting to look pretty good an eggshell sheen walls with a thicker of. A thicker version of the night reading about your Ugly Duckly home am! Use a roller that is critical for adhesion of the best ways to get input... You again, I ’ ve learned that form when damaged drywall and residue. Peel oil based primer I find that this is especially true guest bath ASAP on coat... Relatively new product looking but I left both places thinking I am in the of! A subtle pattern to keep our original design & colors and we have do... Up is absolutely back breaking to how you went about fixing your has... From the fine dust # uglyducklinghouse to show it off Gardz do need.