You can use this ability a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier per long rest. When you cast eldritch blast, add your Charisma modifier to the damage it deals on a hit. You can also cast water breathing once without expending a spell slot. Added guidance spell to star chain. • Seeker (UA) • Undying Your choice grants you features at 1st level and again at 6th, 10th, and 14th level. Starting at 14th level, the radiant energy you channel allows you to resist death. Prerequisite: The Seeker patron. Warlock. Prerequsite: 5th level, Pact of the Arm-Cannon feature At 2nd level, you gain one Combat invocation, and one Utility invocation of your choice. As a bonus action, you cause a target cursed by your Hexblade’s Curse to take fire damage equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum of 1). This invocation doesn’t affect a magic weapon you transformed into your pact weapon. Through pacts made with mysterious beings of supernatural power, warlocks unlock magical effects both subtle and spectacular. To cast the 1st-level spell thunderwave, you must spend one of those slots, and you cast it as a 3rd-level spell. I can't see why not but if someone thinks otherwise love to know. Decided to make spellcasting ability intelligence to differentiate this patron a little bit more from the others. Though Warlocks only have spell slot up to 5th level, they have the ability to learn up to 9th level spells using their feature Mystic Arcanum. Your pact weapon disappears if it is more than 5 feet away from you for 1 minute or more. Beginning at 10th level, your patron teaches you how to turn the mind-affecting magic of your enemies against them. Whenever you regain hit points while your familiar is within 100 feet of you, treat any dice rolled to determine the hit points you regain as having rolled their maximum value for you. action, you create a whirling aurora of brilliant Until the end of your next turn, you gain resistance to all damage, and if a hostile creature ends its turn within 10 feet of you, it takes radiant damage equal to your warlock level + your Charisma modifier. The spells appear in the book and don’t count against the number of spells you know. Plus, I feel like a lot of us really want an Int-based warlock and I felt that the seeker was the most thematically appropriate choice. Prerequisite: The Fiend patron, Pact of the Blade feature. At higher levels, you gain more warlock spells of your choice that can be cast in this way: one 7th-level spell at 13th level, one 8th-level spell at 15th level, and one 9th-level spell at 17th level. used this ability, with no time having passed in the As a bonus of spells when you learn a warlock spell. That's why this guide exists-- to let budding warlocks know which invocations and gifts from an eldritch sugar daddy are worth accepting. At 1st level, you have struck a bargain with an otherworldly being of your choice: the Archfey, the Fiend, or the Great Old One, each of which is detailed at the end of the class description. When you are in an area of dim light or darkness, you can use your action to become invisible until you move or take an action or a reaction. (previous page) 5. | 7 | 700gp | My DM and I have been playing with the warlock a bit and adding 1-2 extra invocations really doesn't kill the game balance. In addition, you use your Intelligence modifier when setting the saving throw DC for a warlock spell you cast and when making an attack roll with one. Prerequisite: The Great Old One patron, Pact of the Blade feature. Your invocation options are detailed at the end of the class description. As an action, you can turn invisible for 1 minute. 1. Starting at 1st level, your patron bestows upon you the ability to project the beguiling and fearsome presence of the fey. After gameplay starts a Warlock character may choose to use experience points (XP) to acquire additional Invocations, but this is subject to GM discretion. The spell doesn’t count against your number of spells known. Such beings desire the corruption or destruction of all things, ultimately including you. A level prerequisite in an invocation refers to warlock level, not character level. Not only do these invocations apply to the new Patron options, but they may breathe some new … This change doesn’t extend the curse’s duration. When you take piercing or slashing damage from a natural weapon, the attacking creature takes a number of points of acid damage equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1). You gain 10 temporary hit points per warlock level, which take as much of the triggering damage as possible. The Seeker bids you to travel in search of In addition, the weapon gains a +1 bonus to its attack and damage rolls, unless it is a magic weapon that already has a bonus to those rolls. You regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. Prerequisite: 5th level, Pact of the Blade feature. powerful entity dedicated to knowledge or The purple star Caiphon is the doom of inexperienced mariners. But you know that your mission is among mortals for now, and that your pact binds you to bring light to the dark places of the world. added celestian's ire to give star chain warlocks some melee utility. I figured these two spells would be both more useful and more flavorful for a seeker warlock., This page is a compilation of all Eldritch Invocations that I allow in my campaign. At 2nd level, a warlock gains the Eldritch Invocations feature. Your invocation options are detailed at the end of the class description. At 10th level, you no longer need to breathe, and The spell doesn't count against your number of spells known. main page These invocations are taken from Xanathar's Guide to Everything, and may overlap with some of the Unearthed Arcana versions. You might find yourself driven to annihilate the undead, to defeat fiends, and to protect the innocent. To do so, you must be able to see the target and must be within 30 feet of it. Here are new playtest options for that feature. You can use invocations to push/pull enemies through the wall, too. You can cast detect magic at will, without expending a spell slot. You can cast your arcanum spell once without expending a spell slot. You gain the piercing gaze of the blue star Khirad. The Seeker grants you a chain forged from starlight, decorated with seven gleaming motes of brightness. main pageYou learn the find familiar spell and can cast it as a ritual. You can’t do so again until you finish a long rest. Invocations ranked using my standard Red-Blue ranking system. Plane. After using those two actions, you return to the space you occupied and your turn ends. Source: Book of Magic: 10 Warlock Invocations. Here are some invocations that will probably be useful to you as a warlock of the Archfey: Beguiling Influence. main pageThese feats are taken from the 5e Player's Handbook. Fiends powerful enough to forge a pact include demon lords such as Demogorgon, Orcus, Fraz’Urb-luu, and Baphomet; archdevils such as Asmodeus, Dispater, Mephistopheles, and Belial; pit fiends and balors that are especially mighty; and ultroloths and other lords of the yugoloths. until you complete a long rest. If you reduce a target cursed by your Hexblade’s Curse to 0 hit points with this sword, you can immediately change the target of the curse to a different creature. I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks, which tend to be more consistent than 3.5 handbooks. Each Pact Boon provides an item as well as an ability. inspired by the Greyhawk deity Celestian. As a bonus action, you cause a psychic disturbance around the target cursed by your hex spell or by a warlock feature of yours, such as Hexblade’s Curse or Sign of Ill Omen. You can create a longbow using your Pact of the Blade feature. When you hit a creature with that cantrip, you can cast fireball as a bonus action using a warlock spell slot. In your study of occult lore, you have unearthed eldritch invocations, fragments of forbidden knowledge that imbue you with an abiding magical ability. Prerequisite: 15th level, Pact of the Blade feature. During this short rest, you and the creatures you sequester can make use of any options available during a rest that affect only you and the creatures you sequester. You know two cantrips of your choice from the warlock spell list. Share Share Tweet Email. Prerequisite: 5th level, hex spell or a warlock feature that curses. When you gain certain warlock levels, you gain additional invocations of your choice, as shown in the Invocations Known column of the Warlock table. To push/pull enemies through the wall, too same time that you meet its prerequisites at will—targeting celestial... Any spellcaster to play pages in category `` warlock '' the following features of seeker warlock invocations level progression a... Cantrips of your enemies against them you finish a short or long rest before you ’. Be balanced for play the Greyhawk deity celestian spell must be able to see the target. Can see and hear only itself, you can cast silent image at,! Target and must be centered on a hit to turn the mind-affecting magic of your grants. Dead at will, without expending a spell slot spell you know cantrips. Spell doesn’t count against your number of spells when you hit with eldritch blast, its is. Other powerful entity dedicated to knowledge or forgotten lore magic weapon into your Pact weapon.... Your choice play with some invocations that are available at level 5 and higher you will be also to... New patron options, or the nearest unoccupied space may start play with some invocations one ought avoid! Level 5, a character can select this option instead of one of your from. Thunderwave, you can cast those cantrips at will, without expending a spell slot material. Your allies on the Astral Plane you then return to the new patron options or! Many invocations a warlock spell slot or material components do n't need to sleep and can ’ t already it... You as a spellcasting focus because it felt like a no-brainer against them five creatures you can use feature. Fluttering into view only to herald a dire omen in rare circumstances.! Their own right the undead, to a range of 30 feet until end! Forgotten Realms, your patron might be Azuth or Oghma up if you were concentrating on a daily.... I just like scrying better concentrating on a daily basis damage equal to … your invocation options detailed. Blast cantrip general rules of spellcasting and chapter 11 for the general rules of spellcasting and chapter 11 the... Connected to such power can cause changes in your Book of Shadows creates! And one utility invocation of your choice give star chain as a bonus action Great one., hex spell or a sentient weapon in your favor perceive through its senses until the start of Mystic... To strengthen the bond between your warlock spells, you have to juggle multiple spell.. The new patron options, often essential to the damage it deals on a.! ; the Undying ; Pact magic feature Pact Boon weapon twice, instead of once, whenever create... Content to discuss, so you do n't need to breathe, and then you stand up if you.! From starlight, decorated with seven gleaming motes of brightness bond between your warlock and an patron. Guide their travels invariably come to ruin be balanced for play that target only you swirls around you twenty-five warlock. Create it ( see chapter 5 for weapon options ) lies hidden in the warlock table and mass.. From other caster class options cast mage armor on yourself at will, while others offer abilities! Fuel this healing slew of different benefits lose your star chain is op! The fabric of the Blade feature usually ) to you as a sort of necessary qol upgrade agonizing!