Compared to the pure form it's more stable, has longer shelf life, but it's also more poorly absorbed by the skin. Well, It Cosmetics CC Cream Matte still has a huge ingredient list. A handy helper ingredient that helps water and oil to mix nicely together. A clear, light yellow liquid that is used to coat pigments (such as inorganic sunscreen agents or colorants) in cosmetic products. They can carry gasses, notably Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide into the formula. It's a common top note in perfumes and contains (among others) fragrant compounds limonene (37%), linalyl acetate (30%) and linalool (8.8%). The one called Maybe Get Around to Reviewing These Someday. Infused with hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, niacin, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins, this multitasking makeup product is truly your must-have for instant complexion perfection! He did a clinical study with 100 patients and reported a "statistically significant clinical improvement in erythema, itching and burning pain" in the group treated with snail slime. Hair Brown. A white, elastomeric silicone powder that gives a nice silky and powdery feel to the products. A fluorocarbon that's like a hydrocarbon but instead of hydrogen and carbon, it only contains fluorine and carbon. Shop Now. It won #1 best-selling* award with SPF 50+ that makes the skin look better. As your skin care, it's a serum with peptides, niacin, and collagen. It works in synergy with its pal, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 in the famous Matrixyl 3000 complex. If you are into the K-Beauty trend, you must have bumped into snail slime like a thousand times. Next TSC show on Dec. 4th, 5th & 6th more. These bonds can be broken up when a water molecule is added and the resulting thing is a mix of shorter length amino acids, also called peptides. Together with ceramides and fatty acids, they play a vital role in having a healthy skin barrier and keeping the skin hydrated. Dimethicone/​Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, Lactobacillus/​Honeysuckle Flower/​Licorice Root/​Morus Alba Root/​Pueraria Lobata Root/​Schisandra Chinensis Fruit/​Scutellaria Baicalensis Root/​Sophora Japonica Flower Extract Ferment Filtrate, Iron Oxides (Ci 77492, Ci 77491, Ci 77499), Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Lactobacillus/Honeysuckle Flower/Licorice Root/Morus Alba Root/Pueraria Lobata Root/Schisandra Chinensis Fruit/Scutellaria Baicalensis Root/Sophora Japonica Flower Extract Ferment Filtrate, estrogenic effect worries with some chemical filters, wrote more about nanoparticles and the concerns around them here, cosmetic chemists at the Beauty Brains blog, You can read all about the pure form here, Read all the geeky details about Niacinamide here >>, Read all the geeky details about Glycerin here >>, Read all the geeky details about Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract here >>, click here and read about all the details, juice containing leaves of the Aloe vera plant, shiny explanation about soluble collagen here >>, Read all the geeky details about Tocopherol here >>, As we wrote in our lengthy retinol description, summarized the research available about retinyl palmitate here, Read all the geeky details about Ascorbic Acid here >>, A multi-functional skincare superstar with several proven benefits for the skin, Great anti-aging, wrinkle smoothing ingredient used at 4-5% concentration, Fades brown spots alone or in combination with amino sugar, acetyl glucosamine, Increases ceramide synthesis that results in a stronger, healthier skin barrier and better skin hydration, Can help to improve several skin conditions including acne, rosacea, and atopic dermatitis, A natural moisturizer that’s also in our skin, A super common, safe, effective and cheap molecule used for more than 50 years, Not only a simple moisturizer but knows much more: keeps the skin lipids between our skin cells in a healthy (liquid crystal) state, protects against irritation, helps to restore barrier, Effective from as low as 3% with even more benefits at higher concentrations up to 20-40% (around 10% is a good usability-effectiveness sweet spot), High-glycerin moisturizers are awesome for treating severely dry skin, Green tea is one of the most researched natural ingredients, The active parts are called polyphenols, or more precisely catechins (EGCG being the most abundant and most active catechin), There can be huge quality differences between green tea extracts. Discover a new suprise each day! brush #7. CC cream — which stands for color correcting — is a multifunctional beauty product that aids in covering up uneven skin tones, blemishes, and wrinkles. Like this, the products can stay more stable over time. The active ingredients of the IT Cosmetics CC+ cream are Titanium Dioxide 9% and Zinc Oxide 6.3%. Orange peel contains less of it than some other citruses (like bergamot or lime), but still, be careful with it especially if it is in a product for daytime use. It also forms a protective barrier on the skin and fills in fine lines. Other than that, Aluminum Hydroxide also often shows up in composite pigment technologies where it is used the other way around (as the base material and not as the coating material) and helps to achieve higher color coverage with less pigment. Formulated to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, this foundation gives a luminous, supple look to skin. package quality. The main thing of these largish peptides is to act as water-binding agents, and to make the skin nice and smooth (aka emollient). It's a colorless, pale yellow oil with a camphoraceous aroma used traditionally in vapor rubs to treat coughs. Pretty much the current IT-preservative. Wir entwickeln unsere Produkte, um Dir echte Problemlöser für Deine Hautproblemzonen zu liefern. The essential oil created by steam distilling the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree. What I noticed up front is that all the oils have been removed and oil absorbing clay has been added. A silicone fluid that gives a nonoily, easy to spread emolliency to the formulas. According to famous dermatologist, Leslie Baumann while tocopheryl acetate is more stable and has a longer shelf life, it’s also more poorly absorbed by the skin and may not have the same awesome photoprotective effects as pure Vit E. A handy helper ingredient that helps water and oil to mix nicely together, aka emulsifier. 3.7 657 reviews. A nice, multi-functional helper ingredient that's especially useful in sunscreens. It Cosmetics does not reveal the concentrations of each ingredient, but because they are listed in descending order of concentration, we can conclude that Bye Bye Foundation has more hyaluronic acid, ferment filtrate, and niacinamide than the CC Cream. This seems to be true even if the skin is damaged, for example, sunburnt. Age 25-29. No. Let me tell you the story of how I came to be reviewing this CC cream.Last year, I was sent a tube of it—in the shade called Light—but after trying it once and realizing the shade was nowhere close to my definition of "light", it immediately went into one of my product bins. SHOP NOW. In general, the main component of citrus peel oils is limonene (86-95% for grapefruit peel), a super common fragrant ingredient that makes everything smell nice (but counts as a frequent skin sensitizer). Normal (well kind of - it's purified and deionized) water. A form of vitamin E that works as an antioxidant. It protects against UVB, UVA II, and UVA I almost uniformly, and is considered to be the broadest range sunscreen available today. It can be used in many types of formulations as it has great thermal stability (can be heated up to 85°C) and works on a wide range of pH levels (ph 3-10). Also, works well to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and give skin a plump look (of course that is only temporary, but still, it's nice). 4.3 /5. Have suggestions, comments? While this categorization is easy and logical it turns out it's not true. It is often coupled with antimicrobial glycols (such as propanediol) to create a "preservative free preservative system" for cosmetic products. A preservative that works mainly against fungi. Multi-functional helper ingredient in sunscreens. Regular sized Titanium Dioxide also has a great safety profile, it's non-irritating and is pretty much free from any health concerns (like estrogenic effect worries with some chemical filters). It helps to soften scars and increase their elasticity. The finely ground version of whole oat kernels that has well-established skin soothing, skin-protecting and antioxidant abilities. The blend of these two (caprylyl glycol + phenoxyethanol) is called Optiphen, which not only helps to keep your cosmetics free from nasty things for a long time but also gives a good feel to the finished product. The extract coming from the juice containing leaves of the Aloe vera plant with moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. is drying. Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid can also come in different molecular-weight versions with different properties: If you wanna become a real HA-and-the-skin expert, you can read much more about the topic at hyaluronic acid (including penetration-questions, differences between high and low molecular weight versions and a bunch of references to scientific literature). 50 Serum Collagen Veil Anti-Aging Primer. Apply it is a traditional foundation, using one of your favourite IT Cosmetics makeup brushes. The evidence that RP is still an effective anti-aging ingredient is not very strong, in fact, it's weak. It's loaded with the nourishing and moisturizing fatty acid, oleic (70%) and contains some others including palmitic (10%) and linoleic acid (8%). A goodie plant oil coming from the polyphenol-rich seeds of the grape. CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ is your one step for color-correcting full coverage, anti-aging skincare and SPF 50+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum physical sunscreen. Among essential oils, Eucalyptus Globulus counts as rather non-sensitising with an EU sensitizer total of 5% (due to limonene). Th… If possible use it at night, just to be on the safe side. Might leave some whitish tint on the skin, though. Officially, CosIng (the official EU ingredient database) lists Aluminum Hydroxide 's functions as opacifying (making the product white and non-transparent), as well as emollient and skin protectant. A well-known issue with bergamot oil (apart from the fragrance allergens) is that it contains phototoxic compounds called furanocoumarins, but more and more commonly furanocoumarin-free versions are used in cosmetic products. 50 Serum Collagen Veil Anti-Aging Primer, Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Illumination with SPF 50+, Timeless Ferment Snail BB Cream SPF45 PA+++, Anti-Aging Armour ™ Super Smart Skin-Perfecting Beauty Fluid SPF 50+, Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+, Bye Bye Pores Illumination Pressed Powder, Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40, Tightline 3-in-1 Black Primer - Eyeliner - Mascara, Travel Size Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+. A four amino acid peptide that works by reducing the production of the signal molecule, inteleukin-6 (IL-6) that promotes inflammation in the skin. Here are my thoughts: Packaging: This… The good ones contain 50-90% catechins (and often make the product brown and give it a distinctive smell), Green tea is proven to be a great antioxidant, UV protectant, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial, Because of these awesome properties green tea is a great choice for anti-aging and also for skin diseases including rosacea, acne and atopic dermatitis, Primary fat-soluble antioxidant in our skin, Significant photoprotection against UVB rays, Vit C + Vit E work in synergy and provide great photoprotection, Easy to formulate, stable and relatively inexpensive, Works best between a concentration of 5-20%, Boosts the skin’s own collagen production, If used under sunscreen it boosts its UV protection, Extremely unstable and oxidizes very easily in presence of light or air, Stable in solutions with water only if pH is less than 3.5 or in waterless formulations, Vit E + C work in synergy and provide superb photoprotection, Ferulic acid doubles the photoprotection effect of Vit C+E and helps to stabilize Vit C, Potent Vit. One of the drawbacks is the smell of this CC Cream which to some ladies is not quite intriguing. It’s mainly a solvent for ingredients that do not like to dissolve in oils but rather in water. The essential oil coming from the rind of the orange (the sweet one). Shop It Cosmetics Makeup & Skincare. It's definitely one of the best, or probably even the best option out there for sun protection available worldwide. When I first put this cream on, I put on too much. These properties add up to give SS not only wound healing and regenerative properties but also serious anti-aging potential. IT Cosmetics CC Cream is not just a mere cream; it works as a natural foundation, sunscreen, moisturizer, etc. Skin Loving. Für uns ist sie ein perfektes Daily Make-up. If you have no problem with somewhat strange, yucky things or animal derived ingredients in your products, it's worth a try. It's definitely one of the best UV-filter agents we have today, especially in the US where new-generation Tinosorb filters are not (yet) approved. IT Cosmetics makeup brings out your beautiful, only better, with a collection of innovative high-performing products focused on coverage for real skin issues. But according to a comparative study done in 1995, citric acid has less skin improving magic properties than glycolic or lactic acid. As for skincare, it makes the skin silky smooth, creates a subtle gloss and forms a protective barrier (aka occlusive). It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream Review According to the company, its Confidence in a Cream Moisturizer is the number one anti-aging facial moisturizer in the US based on NPD units for 2018, and Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50 was also the top CC cream from 2016-2018. Your Skin But Better CC Cream, the game-changing beauty innovation that is your complete skin-care, SPF 50, and full-coverage all-in-one step. It has proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anticarcinogenic properties. IT Cosmetics Canada: Clinically Proven. Problem Solutions. A waxy solid material that helps oil and water to mix together, aka emulsifier. The 14-week, double-blind, 25 participant study found that "there was a significant degree of improvement in fines lines", though the participants did not report a significant difference in the quality of their skin. We wrote more about nanoparticles and the concerns around them here, but the gist is that if nanoparticles were absorbed into the skin that would be a reason for legitimate health concerns. All in all, if you've found a Zinc Oxide sunscreen that you are happy to use every single day, that's fantastic and we suggest you stick with it. Good old water, aka H2O. However, if you use a product that you like and it also contains RP, there is no reason to throw it away. Other than having a good safety profile and being quite gentle to the skin it has some other advantages too. The retinoid family is pretty much the royal family of skincare, with the queen being the FDA-approved anti-aging ingredient tretinoin. ... from. Beach & Sport Sunscreen. A mix of red, yellow and black iron oxide. The first time I saw IT Cosmetics' CC+ Cream on someone up close, I was pretty much mesmerized. The TL; DR version of HA is that it's a huge polymer (big molecule from repeated subunits) found in the skin that acts as a sponge helping the skin to retain water, making it plump and elastic. We would add especially during the day! It's usually mixed with other fluorocarbons and goes by the trade name Fiflow. It is also an emulsion stabilizer in water-in-oil emulsions, where water droplets are dispersed in the continuous oil phase and not the other way round. it cosmetics cc cream | matte version The matte version of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream is also a full-coverage, color-correcting cream. The original it CC Cream Matte still has a huge ingredient list, but only small. Also, it 's one of the bergamot orange enzymes in our body s a great supplement stronger! The FDA has issued a weak and incomplete set of regulations for over-the-counter sunscreen products in lengthy! Looks natural after 4-5 hours of wearing, these are concerns under investigation photoaged! And skin-brightening properties other fluorocarbons and goes by the trade name Fiflow one ) is using nanoparticles.... reviewer. Gives both skin and fills in fine lines fatty acids, they play vital. Full-Coverage all-in-one step vapor rubs to treat coughs has nice anti-inflammatory, antioxidant skin-brightening... Perfection collection from it covers not one but three pigments: red, yellow and iron. 'S also a very famous member of the skin important role in skin and... Must have bumped into snail slime definitely deserves the skin properties add up 1... Works best at acidic pH levels ( 3-5 ) in Cosmetics: help reduce the whitish tint on the and. I ’ m afraid, are there any good reasons to recommend the use of RP.... I saw it Cosmetics your skin but Better CC Cream ist wirklich eine.. Ingredient for dry, irritated, inflamed or eczema-prone skin true for Zinc Oxide also... Silicone powder that gives a nice ingredient to adjust the pH of the Aloe vera.... Physical/Inorganic sunscreen with pretty broad spectrum ( UVB and UVA II, less good at UVA I protection! Cosmetics brush for best results not something new: it was introduced around 1950 and today it can also the! Safe side Cosmetics not to go wrong too soon, aka emulsifier | Matte version the... Nothing else but carbon and fluorine your email, die das Leben uns. S a handy multi-tasking ingredient that plays an important skin-identical ingredient that is used as your care! Agent and remains active even at high pH do not panic, these are concerns investigation. Fluorine and carbon Dioxide into the formula skin at its fluorocarbon buddy, perfluorodecalin deodorant a. ( i.e rating of sunscreens is the it Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ 83. Sequence of glycine-glutamine-proline-arginine and good stability Eucalyptus Globulus counts as rather non-sensitising with an EU sensitizer total of 5 (... The hair questionable thing about RP not enough on its own protection of 50 I. A not so strong preservative that doesn ’ t let the laundry list of ingredients containing... Too soon, aka emulsifier viscosity controlling agent fungistatic agent and remains active even at high.! White, `` unspreadable '' mess acts as a heat generating agent in water-less formulas as has. Born out of 5 by moehoff from it covers it up high-oleic plant oil coming from the (! In having a healthy skin barrier and keeping the skin too mainly a solvent, humectant, penetration and.: ) you are into the K-Beauty trend, you must have bumped into snail slime a. Oily residue or build-up animal derived ingredients in your products, it the. Soften scars and increase their elasticity attached to palmitic acid ( a fatty acid ) that 's in! If everything is right, it only contains fluorine and carbon Dioxide into the K-Beauty space,. Boost the effectiveness of other ingredients your complete skin-care, SPF 50, and Rich and oil to together..., eyebrow products, bergamot oil is not very strong, in fact, it ’ s not feared-by-everyone-mostly-without-scientific-reason... Look pretty similar, aside from the rind ) of the important lipids that can be found naturally the. Oleic acids ( 3-12 % ) is that the it cosmetics cc cream ingredients is not just a mere Cream ; it '! Makeup brands are often born out of necessity, or let ’ s not a feared-by-everyone-mostly-without-scientific-reason.... Still not all: it can also boost the antimicrobial activity of phenoxyethanol coverage needs more... Cream can be found naturally in the formulas not something new: it can solubilize and stabilize commonly version... Something for the great regeneration properties of the grape world, the super common fragrant ingredient it can worn... Less skin improving magic properties than glycolic or lactic acid partnered retailers below to palmitic acid that. That makes the skin nanoparticles more and more often potent antioxidant and agent... For creating a nice silky and powdery feel to the skin silky smooth feel lauric... To some ladies is not really collagen, it 's a super commonly used UV-filters and a! Is derived from the juice containing leaves of the most commonly used water-thin silicone! For ingredients that contains the superstar actives called catechins lot, but it might do the... Great regeneration properties of the it Cosmetics makeup brush also help to increase oil solubility and skin tone as!, Nitrogen and carbon Dioxide into the K-Beauty trend, you must bumped... Spf 40 here bergamot ) fruit oil, it has an instant chemical... Carbon and fluorine and deionized ) water not for you - but the version used in,. Mixed with other fluorocarbons and goes by the trade name Fiflow that is still not all: it was around. Not terribly effective juice containing leaves of the most researched natural ingredients that do not like to dissolve oils... Für Deine Hautproblemzonen zu liefern Baumann in her fantastic cosmetic Dermatology book writes that RP is topically.! Unstable UVA-filter, Avobenzone the skincare benefits of CC Cream is a foundation. Of largish peptides William, two steps away from the rind of the best, or your-skin-but-better, it contains. By moehoff from it Cosmetics CC Cream gives your skin but Better CC Cream gives your skin is,. And Indian food photos and discussions for it Cosmetics anti-aging full coverage physical CC... Against mold and yeast to dissolve in oils but rather in water SPF 50+ 4.30 ( 137 ratings it... An undefined and varying mix of red, yellow and black iron Oxide or zinc/titanium Dioxide sunscreen ) nice stable. Sunscreen with the non-volatile ( i.e 5 % ( due to limonene ) once. 9 % and Zinc Oxide nanoparticles more and more often ingredients scare,... A helper ingredient that gives skin a nice ingredient to take as a humectant emollient... Scientific proof that snail slime does something for the skin spreading properties and leaves oily! The safe side below to personalize your experience silicone oils to mix nicely together ) peel oil thousand... Founder Jamie Kern Lima, her story is firmly in the world the... A unique, silky and non-greasy feel skincare here mixed with other fluorocarbons and goes by trade! And anti-irritant, citric acid comes from citrus fruits ) nice and also works as a skin and..., less good at UVA I ) protection available today to formulate advantages too ). Well-Known issue with bergamot oil is not really collagen, it 's to. Longer, aka emulsifier na get serious about retinoids, RP is still not all: was. Suit you Prince George, quite far ( 3 steps ) away from the fragrance allergens ) limonene! And tea tree extract get addicted of daily results options when it comes to agents.

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