A. At 400 and 500 yards, we start to see the rounds … September 12th at the Original Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Benchrest Club (Williamsport) range Matt Kline set a new 10-shot Heavy Gun World Record with a 2.815″, 100-4X.. My son & I have 3 7mm Saum's, all custom builds. ELR - Beyond 1000 Yards ... (168 berger 2900 fps 75 moa drop on exbal) at 1760 yards at the same spot, I will give you a report on his results in a couple days. At 1000 yards this translates to an extra 20 inches of drop and 10 inches more drift in a 10 mph cross wind for the 300 Win Mag. - new UK record. Holland muzzle brake. Just like with the 270 WSM vs 270 Winchester, 7mm WSM vs 7mm Rem Mag, and 300 WSM vs 300 Win Mag, the .338 Win Mag is significantly longer than the 325 WSM. Savage 7mm rem mag final load developing. My current 7mm Rem. Can anyone help me or at least tell me the drop of a 7mm Mag at 1000 yards with a 150 gr round. The 7mm-300 WSM — A Champion’s Perspective. Several were range tested and chronographed as noted by *. The only difference is. The trajectory path at 50 yards is 1.2 inches high, at 100 yards the bullet is 2.9 inches high, at 200 yards … 1st one is a Stiller action & Rock Creek barrel at 26". The 7mm-08 is a superb 100-yard whitetail, antelope, and mule deer cartridge, delivering about 2,100 ft-lbs at that distance. However, if you apply the same thinking to the .270, .308, or .30-06, it would limit their range to 300 yards were they reach the 1500 ft lbs threshold. The rem. At 300 yards, all of these rounds still have well above 2,000 ft.lb with several rounds, including both .300 Win Mag and .300 WSM, still carrying more than 2,500ft. ... Well today I took the 300 WSM back out to 1000 yards to reverify last weeks results and I'm convienced that maybe that 3 shots wasn't a fluke after all. This places that same .270 bullet 0.4 inches low at 25 yards, 1.41 inches high at 100 yards, 2.51 inches low at 250 yards and finally slips below the 6 inch vital zone at 257 yards. Vince’s 7mm-300 WSM drilled a 2.670″; group to eclipse a 5-year-old UK record. yards. 7mm Remington Magnum, 168 grain Berger Classic Hunter, 2825 fps*, Weatherby Ultralight 7.8 lbs, 24″ Barrel: Drop… In the hands of a well-practiced shooter, the 7mm Ultra Mag. So I just loaded them to max mag length. At 1000 yards the drop is 235.19" with a 49" crosswind drift component. So with a 200 yard zero, a hunter can hold dead on from 0 to 257 yards and kill the animal, assuming he does his part and fires an error-free shot. He used a 12-42NXS nightforce and ran … Shooting the Berger 168 vld's 3150 fps 72g of Retumbo. That means that with a 100-yard zero, the bullet will rise ½ inch above line of sight at 50 yards; 1.8 inches above at 100 yards with a 200-yard zero, and 4.7 inches above at 150 yards with a 300-yard … Caliber: 270 Winchester, Standard barrel length, 130 grain BTSP (Spitzer) bullet, BC = .412, MV = 3,000 fps, Zeroed @ 300 yards, Drop at 500 yards = 30 inches (2.5 feet). I know I said 7mm rem mag but there is a beautiful kimber 8400 in 7mm wsm for sale on 24hourcampfire . I've decided to device my videos into 2 segments, commercial ammo and handloads. Always a chance it's a shotgun pretending to be a rifle but you can get that new out of the box too. Thanks For Any Help JC506, Mar 19, 2008. This is possible but unless you need the extra … They had a least 2 feet more drop at … The 7mm WSM is an effective and emphatic killer of medium game out to intermediate long ranges, producing best results inside 700 yards, much like the .280 Remington. … What all of this means to the average hunter is -- not much. For instance; with the Berger 180 grain bullet as mentioned above, the drop at 600 yds is 63.8" with a drift component of 16" in a 10 knot wind. 7mm WSM - 2.67" at 1000 yards (!) The arrival of the 7mm Remington Magnum in 1962 conveniently coincided with Remington’s new and improved Model 700 series – a design which has stood the test of time, and to this … It's got dies and some brass with it. ... 7mm WSM (150 Sp … All drop comparisons are at 500 yards and assume a 200 yard zero and a 1.75″ scope height. can shoot groups well under six inches at 500 yards. In factory ammunition form, the .300 WSM is generally loaded to maximum potential. In order to match the BC of the 7mm Rem Mag you have to go up to about a 210 grain bullet and still be pushing the same velocity. Shot them at the 1000 yard range, just to see if they had less drop, or better BC like they are saying. Mar 19, 2008 #2 . Editor’s Note: Vince Bottomley is one of the UK’s top bench shooters (at all distances) and he recently set a British record at 1000 yards using a variant of the 7mm WSM. We were pleased to find that the Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56mm scope has plenty of elevation to get to 1200 yards with this bullet, especially when mounted on a Near Mfg. scope Nighforce NXS 5.5-22x50 Had a custom PTG reamer made to set 168 VLD's out to max mag lenght. He is asking $1000 shipped but I wouldn't go more than $900 for the package. and at 350 yards from the 7mm … From 300 to 500 yards, the difference shrinks between those two rounds and the other eight. A the 600 and 700 yard mark we do see the rounds from the two cartridges begin to space out with the 7mm-08 rounds showing an average bullet drop of 80.6in (600 yards) and 120in (700 yards) compared to an average bullet drop of the .308 rounds of 91.5in (600yards) and 133.7in (700 yards). I'm … Few of us engage game beyond 400 yards and fewer of us ever should. Of course, the actual distance the bullet should hit above the point of aim at 100 yards (or 100 meters, which is about 108 yards) varies with the individual caliber and load. ... relatively minor. This difference in bullet shape can be quantified, and the comparison simplified to one number—the Ballistic Coefficient, or BC. A .22 will drop about a foot at 100 yards but only 3 inches at 50 yards, so you adjust it to hit 3 inches high at 50 yards and it will be about on at 100. Some may wonder why the popular .270 Win, 7mm Rem Mag and .270 WSM did not have better showings. Your 7mm-08 is zeroed at 100 yards and at 300 yards you are dropping in the neighborhood of 13 inches. GlockMeister G&G Enthusiast. Big Stuff--7mm, 30 Cal, .338+ . Re: Build a 7mm SAUM, or buy a .300 WSM? So much for inaccuracy issues. That’s a little too much drop to use the “hold over” method and be precise. At 500 yards, this caliber still has over 2,000-foot pounds of energy and only drops 24 inches. # 2 is a 700LA & Krieger barrel at 30". September 18th, 2010 Matt Kline Shoots 2.815″ Record at 1000 Yards with 300 WSM. Here is a comparison between the 270 and 7MM-08 at 1000 yards … ... Why will a 7mm wsm burn up your barrel faster than a 7 mm remington. +45 MOA rail. 600 / 1000 Yard Benchrest; 7mm RSAUM as a 1000yd gun; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The 7mm Rem Mag delivers a hefty 160-grain bullet at 300 yards with just a seven-inch drop, following on from a 200-yard zero. The 7mm-08 Remington was introduced for use with the Model 788 and 700 rifles in 1980. In comparison to the .300 Winchester Magnum, velocities are very similar between the two cartridges. Since your .300 WSM is travelling a lot faster, it won't drop as much. The accuracy was consistently excellent and the bullet drop was approximately 6.2 mils at 1000 yards. Same reamer but used a throating reamer to seat 180 vld's … Of course, the actual distance the bullet should hit above the point of aim at 100 yards (or 100 meters, which is about 108 yards) varies with the individual caliber and load. These calibers, along with similar calibers not evaluated (.264 Win Mag, .270 Wby Mag, 7mm WSM and 7mm Wby Mag) are optimally designed to take medium game at ranges beyond 300 yards. Mag. My cousin has a .300 Wsm in Savage and loves it for 1000 yards, but the cost of the rounds is high, he complains about recoil constantly etc. Magnum load was .5, 1.8 and 4.7 inches. I could not get them to touch the lands without running out of room in the mag. I have been looking all over the net for a ballistics table for a 7mm Mag for the range of 1000 yards. While the 7mm 168 grain VLD would only need 3100 fps at the muzzle to match that 2000 fps velocity at 1000 yards. What if you zero your gun at 250 yard? Like all the other Winchester Short Magnum cartridges, the 325 WSM is specifically designed to fit in a short action rifle instead of a standard length action … Edited on Mon Feb-05-07 03:33 PM by benEzra Shooter sets UK record of 2.67" for a 5-shot group at 1000 yards with a custom rifle in 7mm Winchester Short Magnum. The same bullet delivers the same 2,100 ft-lbs at 250 yards from the 7mm Rem. If temps dip down say below 50* I'll move up to 64.0 and above 90 I'll drop back to 63.5. Never did shoot them at 100 yards. The table below is designed to serve as a starting point from which a shooter can … 300 WSM 1000 yard ladder test. Think about trying to hit a deer while holding 5 feet over the animal and 16" into the wind for a 10 knot wind. For example, at 500 yards, the 7mm Rem has a 29.14 inches drop, which is one of the flattest trajectories of centerfire loads. Data is from Vortex’s Long Range Ballistic Calculator. As I said earlier, I was in a gun shop and the guy told me a 7mm would be a good … For example, the 150-grain factory load in 1964 for Remington’s 7mm Rem. Mag., a Jim Borden Timberline custom, groups sub-MOA, too. JC506, Mar 19, 2008. Next, I began shooting at Larue tactical/metal targets at 250, 500, 750, 1000 yards distances. 270 WSM = 400 to 500 yards 7mm WSM = 500+ 300 WSM = 500+ As someone stated earlier, most hunters do not possess the skill to shoot at these ranges. lb. One of the more desirable features of the WSM is that rifles can be fitted with a suppressor maintaining the same length and weight as a standard 26” barreled 7mm … Our rifles, cartridges and bullets may be capable of 1,000 … With an increased MV of 3,200 fps the 130 grain BTSP bullet drop at 1,000 yards = 284 inches (23.66 feet). For the record, this table was calculated for an air temperature of 60 degrees F and an altitude of 1000 feet. Thanks again for an awesome rifle and all the supporting pieces! I think now after all of this for what I do, the 7mm or .308 would be the best choices for me. I know of several high-power shooters using the new 28 Nosler that shoot less than four-inch groups at 1,000 yards … I thought that was all the rage and reason to buy the wsm … 1000 Yard Ready Package; ... Next, we create a precise ballistic profile and validate the data and rifle out to 1,060 yards. (Zero was 100 yards) A very flat shooting round. ... 2000 yards 7mm rem mag vs 300wm Well, the 7mm mag did well at a mile, but the data isnt all that great. As a long range hunting cartridge, the .300 WSM loaded with A-Max projectiles is capable of producing wide wounding out to 1000 yards. The ballistic performances for the 7mm-08 Remington based off a 24 inch test barrel on two grain types for muzzle velocity are 2,800 ft/s (140 gr Nosler P), 2,650 ft/s (150 gr Speer HC-SP). Similarly, the round has a muzzle velocity of 3200 fps, which only drops to 2264fps at 500 yards, plus a muzzle energy of 3250 ft-lbs drops only to 1710 ft-lbs at 500 yards. The drop from a 100-yard zero to 1200 yards was predicted to be 34.75 MOA. shoots more powder and the 7 wsm is more efficient. Breaking the 3″ mark (for 10 shots) is big news in the 1K … This system maximizes the distance in which no "hold over" is necessary. This detailed data is provided to you to be used with your ballistic calculator, which we are happy to configure if it is a Sig Kilo 2400 or G7 BR2. Not bad for an inaccurate cartridge. The Barnes bullet loses velocity at twice the rate of the VLD!

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