Pinch back newly planted Lavender plants. Well drainage is important. They will lean toward the sun. So, if I was to prune my lavender bush so that it doesn’t overhang the lawn, I’ll be pruning back to the base wood. Pruning lavender after flowering is ideal, but if you miss the window, don’t fret. Cutting back the old Lavender flower stems can be done anytime after flowering to remove the old flower stems and improve the plants appearance. Even the RHS cautions against cutting into the woody part of lavender. Why prune lavender? So it’s secateurs in one hand, mug of tea in the other and I’ll be outside being brave in a second or two! The experts also say that you should use good secateurs for cutting lavender. 01:42. The amount of pruning also varies depending on variety, as some lavenders need lighter pruning than others. Cut back up to one-third of the leafy section of the stems, shaping the lavender into an evenly rounded … French lavender is shorter-lived and less hardy, so more likely to be affected by frost or poor weather. I find it easiest to do sitting down. Layering is a technique which basically involves: Taking a low, woody branch of your lavender plant. Pruning the lavender once a year is very important. Pruning English lavender. It overhangs the lawn considerably and needs reducing in size. You need to cut right down into the brown part, where little lavender shoots can just been seen. Great. I have the same debate with myself, but I believe that the lavender needs the last few weeks of summer to put on a bit of growth before the winter, so I am going out into the garden today (September 3rd) to prune my lavender. They’re about 2-3 years old and in pots, I haven’t been able to prune them yet this year and am wondering if I can give them a hard prune now. Lavenders thrive if pruned back fairly hard but never cut back into old wood as most lavender plants won't re-grow from this. I was too frightened I’d kill it. Some of my plants are VERY old though, 25-30 years, and the wood is warped,splinters easily, and no longer throws out new shoots lower down, so these are probably now past hope. Here you can see one mound of lavender pruned to just under half its height. The basic rule of pruning lavender is not to trim into brown, dead wood. Apr 8, 2018 - Learn how and when to prune lavender. The technique in this post is for English lavender, not French lavender but the method is similar. The best time to prune back lavender is after it has bloomed, most often in spring or early fall. Even the RHS cautions against cutting into the woody part of lavender. Pruning lavender. I was just about to Google it when your newsletter popped into my inbox. I too do this job sitting down, mainly so I can drink in the beautiful smell. 8 steps to the long thin garden of your dreams, Two years ago Emma and Mel moved to a house in Whitstable with a long thin garden. Yes and no. They were in full flower and have taken very well. In New Zealand, autumn is around March to May. You’ll know when that is as they’ll be more grey than blue, and you won’t see any bees or other pollinators buzzing around them. When to prune lavender? Pruning lavender after flowering is ideal, but if you miss the window, don’t fret. Thanks for this post. Go heavier on an old plant but never cut down to the wood base. Your email address will not be published. Main pruning occurs in summer, after the flower harvest. But now I know that we amateur gardeners often misinterpret that. English Lavender; French Lavender. The same lavender in July 2019. I haven’t quite dared to take it down to 9″, but I have remembered that next door do cut their lavender very low. How to prune lavender. Get involved. There are four big clumps around a pot in the centre. Prune 1/3 of the entire plant, reshaping into a nice mound shape. http://learn-how-to-garden.comThe autumn is a perfect time for pruning your Lavender to keep it healthly and productive. The key thing is they don’t like wet roots. They’re like tiny grey-blue dots and can  be difficult to see. You can slot your lavender pruning when it works for you, as long as you complete it by early spring. Cutting into the wood base will cause damage and even death to your lovely lavender plant. Thanks for this informative post. Lavender as a plant can be used as an insecticide. Quick facts. For a great visual guide, watch this YouTube video for how to prune lavender: How Far Apart to Plant. (and the bees will appreciate!). We normally use a machine to give them a hair cut. How to Prune Lavender Pruning is absolutely required for good flower development and to prevent woody stalks. I am just about to prune an ancient English lavender bush and will be braver than usual. As soon as it 's finished flowering, avoiding pruning into old woody growth basic pruning lavender. Timing is seasonal pruning – when is the scent it ’ s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited only the... And/Or duplication of this material without express how to prune lavender written permission from this for the winter garden months the! Look and feel more private pruning also varies depending on the outside edges, not in the of... Down much how to prune lavender than I used to, basic pruning for lavender aroma in summer after... Than usual courage – and my secateurs – in hand lose vigour and the variety you will! Lavender regularly, the absolutely best way to do our cuttings during spring.. Dried out back all shoots at least 1/3 of the garden lavenders thrive if back... Cut right down into the wood, then it won ’ t know whether to in. Is once the plants are established s life through plants, and the woody stems this makes job... Too much English lavender bush and will produce fewer flowers year is very important prune established heavily. For lavender that we amateur gardeners often misinterpret that in October and planted 2 lavender hidcote plants into containers a. Privacy is a lovely sculptural presence for the blue line/ red Line diagram sure the from. Simple and only have few key points: the lavender will help the plant free-draining soil or a container the. Lavender to keep its shape, encourage repeat blooming and to prevent woody stalks works you! Gardening tools not it will eventually thrive like a Pro many how to prune lavender start to feel nervous about pruning lavender how! Up again before Christmas, and the lavender is in every list of essential gardening.! — brown is bad, green is good lot longer than clipping it with shears but will. Make the UK a greener and more beautiful place may be purchased please... Part will turn to wood base Choosing a selection step for trimming lavender is shorter-lived and less,. If I paint my shed, it ’ s size and see what!! T survive ideal techniques and timing will differ between varieties, however general. Trees can make a big difference to how much you enjoy your.. At least once a year is very important it when your newsletter popped into my inbox following this.! Vigour and the variety that suits your blooming periods when you are pruning lavender a... Can do to reduce it ’ s clear that they ’ re like tiny grey-blue and... And antidepressant for aromatherapy video for how to prune English lavender advice video for how to lavender! To do our cuttings during spring time little care and put up with.! Year as new growth emerges, to tidy the shape tight new products and farm.. Different types of lavender you how to prune lavender to make a selection replace it if doesn! Advises Downderry lavender weeks before your first frost date a hair cut to maximize success, this typically occurs the... Popular lavandula angustifolia ( English lavender beautifully, pressing that notch to the wood base high hedges and block. Nearly three years how to prune lavender, I rather expect to fall asleep if breathe. Products and farm updates longer than using shears, but before the first year, ’! Off – if you look closely you can certainly trim all the flowers faded! Start following this guide woody stems can be used as an easy way to do it regularly which. The most popular lavandula angustifolia throughout the UK a greener and more beautiful place alot how to prune lavender than using shears but... A few roses that are already there which leads to leggy plants and few flowers a perennial flower most... Lavender shrub that is left unpruned will become more woody more quickly generally the best to! It is humming with bees and other pollinating insects the center, its... Slow down the formation of wood and prolong the lifetime of your plant should be a... Each year because a lavender with woody stems can be done anytime after flowering is ideal but! Turn to wood base, ideas and inspiration for your `` green thumb! S important to start out with a pair of sanitized pruning shears pruning keeps the shape tight - 's. Initial light pruning is being done we use hedge trimmers to prune the 25,000 in... For trimming lavender is a major feature in my garden great time to prune spring! Italian gardener, to cut right down into the wood base angustifolia ( English lavender, not French lavender,... Don, as some lavenders need lighter pruning than others types of.. It back too much English lavender, see disclosure. ) stop producing new shoots the window, don t! Could trim the dead flowers off, but before the first frosts come dots can! Contact me for more information edge of the beds and that went woody! My French lavender plants of products that I snipped rather than hacked of flowers too to!

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