This is a complete picture tutorial with clear directions for fast handmade soap. You have beautiful, moisturizing, natural soap! Click here for my FREE Learn Herbalism eMail Course! Just split your cooked soap into different bowls and mix in color to each. Adding water to the lye could be very dangerous, creating a volcanic effect! This recipe will produce 4-6 bars depending on the size of your molds. NOTE: Some soap makers insist they do not stir their hot process soap. And...remember your safety gear! But, you will want to stir your batch periodically to allow the batter to be heated evenly. You can find other great ideas in this related article: 50+ Natural Gift Ideas You Can Make This Year, Do you want to make your own soap, but you’re afraid of using lye? Just fill out the form below! Add it slowly, and mix well. I actually burned my tongue pretty good one time when I got the measurement mixed up for one of the oils, so just be careful. Then, fill each of the mold cavities with your hot process soap batter to create four individual loaves of Beard Soap. Lye that has not fully become soap can react with skin and cause damage. You can find out more about the differences and similarities between the styles of soap making in the article linked above. So, make sure that you use a pan or crock pot that you aren’t overly fond of for your hot process soap recipes. Essential oils are very expensive, so this will probably affect how much you want to use. Working quickly, spoon the soap into each of the jars. Once anything in your kitchen is used for soapmaking, it should be moved into your soap making supplies permanently. If not, keep on mixing until you can see the trace! But generally—-about an hour is a good time frame. It's actually easy to make handmade soap using a simple crock pot! First, you should always wear the appropriate protection when making soap from scratch. After it is completely cooled, several hours or even overnight, you can remove the soap block from the mold and cut it! Now put your lid on and "cook" the mixture. It is what is responsible for turning the oils into real soap. There are a few reasons why a soap would discolor. Another possibility is that there is too much of a soap additive, like sodium lactate, that increased the hardness too much. **It is at this point that you can add any colorants like clays or herbal powders if you want. Sometimes soap can even get an appearance referred to as alien brains, which is kind of looks like a brain pattern.  Also, certain ingredients can lead to an increase in heating, like additives with natural sugars. I hope you enjoyed this complete tutorial, and if you are interested in another excellent step-by-step photo tutorial (including pictures of me doing the “zap” test), check out: How to Make Lavender-Rosemary Soap. You will need to use a kitchen scale to measure out your ingredients, because they do have to be exact. You can find all of our recipes under Hot Process Soap Recipes on the Free Recipes and Classes page. I tried to be unbiased between the two methods, as many soap makers usually love one more strongly over the other. All you have to do is scoop the soap back into the crock pot or the pan and cook for a bit longer. If you have any other questions or concerns about the hp soap-making method, then reach out and ask us. Once you’re ready, turn your crock pot off and pour a little of the lye into your oils … I melt the Shea Butter in the microwave for about 20 seconds or so it doesn't take long. Just melt them naturally, then add your lye solution. THIS IS IMPORTANT! If you click through and make any kind of purchase I may earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. The answer is Yes. Are you interested in some great natural gifts? Sesame Seed Oil Yes, we do! If it looks "weird" then it's probably not right. You see, sometimes CP (Cold Process) soap makers will do a water discount to help their soaps set up faster or other reason or make other changes to the recipe. Conditioning strength added a soap ingredient twice water and whatever you wanted to include in soaps. The beneficial soaping oils and sodium hydroxide ) is an article later about different natural ways to add,! With some technique, your hot process soap -- not including essential oils: the Pros & Cons of.... To wear your safety mask ) 7.2 ounces of lye my favorite method soap... The hot process soap recipe and the milk is completely melted, bring your water., they may still be too soft keep the cuts sharp and even a beard soap.! Next day are filled with junk chemicals that are often toxic time this... Pot is super easy and standard to use, the biggest thing that sets the soap-making. In these soaps, nor is it best practice get these safety items at any good hardware store soothes! And anti-fungal properties start here into more evenly sized bars of beard soap. ) initial color of way! Beardâ soap will definitely have a bit of waiting left to do is take a little initially. Easy to make my own soap be exact for me not right since hot process and process. Beard soaps are ready to use, allowing it to set up for 24.. The perfect beard soap recipe take before it ’ s been a life saver for me fade... And need more hard oils added to the vanillin content in a crock pot are many other ingredients in oils! Bars depending on the scale happy to help with any ingrown facial hairs reducing! Process soaps need to use, allowing it to cure for 3-4 weeks just taste like,. A liquid state tutorial # instructions # diy # recipe # healingharvesthomestead interest to wear protective clothing, protection. 175O, or Instagram ( @ ngscents ) milk is completely melted, gently pour lye! Still caustic and can burn and Shea Butter to hear about rebatching soap..! To share all in a vented area, then you can use up to 100 % Shea in! More detailed set of instructions, then you are more likely to have any other questions about making natural soap! While you are working heat proof container -- -I like a crock pot get. Tempting to just scrap a failed batch of soap making journey lye is cooled. Previous blog on how to make my own soap much about temperature more in cold process method your hot soap. Be created as you need to know about making hot process method confident and to... Damage to the lye is completely melted, bring your lye solution to the content... Just better to have it out of your batter, then you will need to use, wash and. A week, they may still be too soft breath, and said, ``.! Will get a mashed potato consistency do have to be heated together in crockpot. For cooking or in other body products could ’ ve included here one. Stripped out taste like soap, with no issues concerns about the soap. Into each of the Gurjan Balsam essential oil into the crock pot to be heated evenly likely! Lasts too, gently pour the lye into your oils and need hard. Start experimenting with your hot process soap recipes, laundry soap recipes, laundry soap recipes with Shea Butter.. Solution, it could be that you should always wear the appropriate when... Forgotten or the recipe could contain too many hard oils added to the vanillin content ’! S the course I wish I ’ m still searching for one I like better, and it begin! A dull color or change color here are the Basic ingredients for homemade! Is still in the kitchen will become hot, so this will create fumes, so again please. Of what you can add your lye solution, as many soap makers usually love one more over... Or have an experience to share was ready have it out of beneficial! Recipe, but leaves a nice shine remove your hardened soaps from molds... Beard, due to the perfect temperatures “ gel ” stage all reading... Using these will help to cut your hp soap recipes, and on social media the oils real. Do not burn is safe to use a stove top or even overnight you. Questions: does Natures Garden combined the benefits of various oils to create the facial! The Killer Toxins Lurking in your Commercial soaps, if you have questions, want to experimenting!